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Che Dessert

The brief for Che Dessert was simple: create an interior with as much fun, impact and sweetness that customers feel. With a menu that includes Mango Tango, Flantastic, Egg Coffee and Traffic Light Che, there was no room to be timid. To transport customers to street stalls of Vietnam, and feelings of childhood, a stylised street cart is also the serving counter and fridge. Tiles were used to bring gloss, scattered to create a pixelated patter. A child-like painting of a hawker stall reinforces the feeling of tradition but child-like fun. There is no doubt that Che Dessert stands out to customers, both current and future. Standing underneath the gate that welcomes visitors to Springvale, it proudlyshows off it’s personality that is fun, indulgent and very moreish.




Christine Wood Photography


JNT Building Co


Springvale - Melbourne


Hospitality, Retail & Commercial

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