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Amazing Buns – The Glen

Amazing Buns at The Glen encapsulates a nostalgic and sentimental feeling of homemade Chinese steamed buns and snacks. This sentimental feelings of the past often generates happy personal association to this comfort food. Like the layers of deliciousness of your favourite bao, the experience of finding and approaching Amazing Buns is one of discovery, of exciting the senses and finding something wonderful. From afar, the sight of steam brings feelings of local street bao vendors. Getting closer, the smell of spices, soup and stewing excite. As you approach, baomasters can be seen hard at work. Always intriguing, customers can take a peek into the preparation of their favourite traditional food whilst they wait. Amazing Buns has been designed to transport our customer to a street in China paying homage to traditional Chinese food stalls, with a small hatch inside the restaurant serving up traditional street food style snacks, whilst in the modern setting of Melbourne. Like the dazzling speed of the street vendors in China, layout has been optimised for speed, impact and efficiently




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The Glen - Melbourne


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