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Beijing MCC Sales Office

This was a collaborative project with L’Aventure & Associates for a neoclassical style sales office located in Beijing China. Playing with the proportions and symmetries of the neoclassical style, the approach was to raise classical style to new heights with a modern facelift that complemented the building’s neoclassical architectural details. The second level sales office oozes affluence, with details that can best be described as “rich”. Upon arrival the guest will be greeted by a double volume foyer, with a ceiling feature that moves organically throughout the space and artfully encompasses the era’s ‘more-is-more’ philosophy. Intricate crown molding follows the space’s interesting and complex lines. The walls are ornate, adorned with chair rails and panels that speak to the period’s decorative style but with a modern twist. Underfoot, hardwood floors boast a beautiful pattern that can be likened to fine art. Then comes the furniture and accessories that take this chic, bright, anything-but-blank slate to the next level of grandeur. The eye is always moving through this space, each detail more striking than the last.




L'AAventure & Associates


Beijing - China


Retail & Commercial

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