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Co-Hanh interior design is inspired by the vibe, hustle and bustle of street life of Vietnam. Our exploration of organised chaos of Vietnamese streets has been cultivated to create a unique dining experience, the samples sensory overload, with touches of brightness, hot, noisy excitement and cosy spaces for escape. The layout includes relaxed casual dining to a hot, smoky BBQ area, and a moody bar as guests move through the space; opening up to a wider interactive space. Co-Hanh is designed to indulge the nostalgia for amazing experiences, of authentic foods, family, community history. Co-Hanh aesthetic will be rustic simplicity, where minimalism meets the industrial rawness of metal, concrete, stainless steel and painted brick while referencing patterns, materials and artwork that are unmistakably Vietnam. The generously wide street frontage of the creates an opportunity for the the interior to become part of the street, blurring the lines between interior and exterior as our idea of street activation. Upon entry, one will be immediately transported to the old-time authenticity of Vietnam in a contemporary ambience.




Christine Wood


JNT Building Co


Flinders Lane - Melbourne


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