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Maguro Oyster Bar – The Glen

Maguro Oyster Bar at The Glen encapsulates the excitement, hustle and bustle of afresh seafood market, a place trade and tradition, of intrigue yet familiarity. The best elements of the seafood market are brought together, bursting freshness and anticipation of what tastes await. Paying homage to fishmonger traditions and Australian culinary diversity, Maguro Oyster Bar will offer a seasonal Raw Bar, innovative seafood dishes with global influences, and a diverse selection of sushi, sashimi and hand rolls. To celebrate the artisan of fresh seafood, the wide frontage will showcase this unique food concept. This unique dining space an ode to the sea, and to the indulgence in it’s bounty.As you approach, always intriguing customers can take a peek into the preparation of their favourite fresh seafood while they wait. Maguro Oyster Bar has been designed to transport our customer to a fresh food market, whilst in the modern setting of Melbourne. The interior design will capture the essence of industrial style and finishes with a twist, pairing strong finishes of tiles, black steel and textured glass with warm tones of mints, cream and blues. With outside seating pods for the customer to sit and dwell to side ledge for a quick bite, tongue-in-cheek nautical decor and a determinedly seafood -focused menu, this place is quite a catch.




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