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Tian 38

Tian-38 ( 店三八) simply means “Shop 38” in mandarin; is our progressive approach to traditional Chinese culture combined with a vibrant atmosphere. The particular level of modernity combined with the respect for tradition will make it spectacularly unique. The interior design will blend the undeniably Melbourne industrial style with Chinese imperial elements seamlessly, imbuing the space with sleekness and elegance, punctuated by unexpected but unpretentious oriental details. A surreal experience starts upon entering the restaurant, one will be transported to a journey with different dining zones revealing themselves at every turn with fun visual clues for your eyes to linger. From a casual cocktail bar to a private dining room with the open kitchen as the heart of the restaurant, the layout is designed to cater for different dining crowd. Aesthetically it will be highly contemporary mix of retro Asian iconography with a progressive Industrial edge. The mix of materials juxtaposes the opulent and the edgy resulting in our take of stylistic Asian fusion.We are inspired by the echoes of the past that will be visible everywhere at Tian 38 without turning the establishment into a typical Chinese restaurant. The end result will be an intricately detailed, cinematically coherent space with the visual and the gastronomic entertainment of the guest in mind.






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